Are you ready to be
an Empire Builder?
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Ranging from individual entrepreneurs and startups to established multi-million pound businesses, Saif's clients have all achieved their desired results. 

Saif's job is to turn their whiteboard scribbles into a reality.

With a solid background in corporate consulting, Saif is usually called in to provide specific expertise, diagnose and/or solve problems. Sometimes he is then asked to implement his own recommendations, which requires building consensus, commitment and momentum. Ideally he likes to equip his clients with a toolkit that enables them to keep moving forwards even after his involvement is over.
As a coach, Saif is more than a trustworthy sounding-board and confidante. He provides accountability, objectivity, encouragement and guidance. His clients tend to have big, bold aspirations and need someone to not only tell them their goals are achievable, but to show them how.

Never have we all needed extra help as much as we do now, with Brexit unfolding in front of our eyes. Saif helps clients prepare their businesses for every Brexit scenario, and offers them the competitive advantage of identifying how they can be among the few who benefit from the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.
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Saif is a true strategist and visionary
- Mark Chaplin
Head of Strategic Projects & Tools, Information Security Forum
Saif is truly an expert in his field and was an invaluable help
- Bob White, De La Rue
 I found Saif's knowledge and professional integrity to be first class
- Richard Carter, Director Network Rail